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Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook
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Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbookをご紹介いただきました。ありがとうございます。

Emilie Ellehauge for Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook shot by Bo Johannsen © photo courtesy of Christian Westphal

Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook

Christian Westphal has been caught by the fuzz. Whereas last two seasons was all about cut, the story for Summer 2013 is texture and lightning. To ensure that the focus is on the fabrics, the Danish-born designer zeroes in on a few uncomplicated, graphic silhouettes: over-the-knee skirts, nylon silk jackets, pants with cut-away waistband, and the signature shirts, some of them pumped up with away-from-the-neck volumes and bringing refined add-on plisses on collar and placket pieces.

On the other side of the spectrum, a fitted jacket comes whipped up from a weightless silk and metal blend. In the Westphal collection you´ll see a mix of minimalism, strong silhouettes and fresh accent colours that still defines the 2010´s, and this remains Westphal´s thing.

Westphal wants his clothes to be for the modern urban women and aside from an incongruously literal Vegas reference in a metal powder gold print on black silk, the almost-abstractions look like scatterings of city lights. Westphal wants to literalize the notion when he decorates one skirt and a blouse with melting gold to replicate the lights of a Vegas building by night. But the real inspiration is anything but pseudo-science.

There is a school of thought which says that mystery preserves the magic, but Westphal tries to understand that if you reveal the machinery, you can enhance the mystery. That's because you're throwing a spotlight on the intangibles of creativity. But the other message of the collection is man-made: a shrugged-off casualness, and because this isn´t particularly fashion, Westphal uses the counterbalance of hyper-fashion silhouettes from Italian and Spanish haute couture of the 1950´s, however simultaneously academic and seductive.

Photography  Bo Johannsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Print design  Sara Haraigue (Paris, France)
Model  Emilie Ellehauge @ Scoop Models (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Photo & info source/credit
All photos & infos courtesy of CHRISTIAN WESTPHAL | WWW.CHRISTIANWESTPHAL.COM, thank you so much.


Emily Jean @ Chic Management
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EMILY JEAN by Zachary Handley | photo source: Emily Jean - the Fashion Spot

Emily Jean

Stats  Height 177cm / 5' 9.5"  Bust 81.3cm / 32"  Waist 58cm / 23"  Hips 85cm / 33.5"
Shoes 7 ½  Dress size 8  Hair Brown  Eyes Blue

Agency  Chic Management (Sydney, Australia)

Photo & info source/credit
Emily Jean - the Fashion Spot

Lucy Raborn @ Ford Models NY
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the Fashion Spotで見かけて以来気になっているLucy Rabornさんです。
エージェンシーを変えられている可能性もありますが、現段階で分かっている情報としてFord Modelsさん所属と記載させていただこうと思います。



Stats  Height 5'11''  Bust 34"  Waist 24" Hips 35" Dress 2  Shoe 10  Hair Brown  Eyes Brown

Agency  Ford Models (New York, US)

Photo & info source/credit  the Fashion Spot

Kelli Lumi @ Premier etc.
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眼力は強力なものの、あの妖精系美女なTiiu Kuikを思い起こさせる爽やかな浮世離れ感があって目に快い2枚です

Kelli Lumi at unk backstage or something...
Photos from The Fashion Spot

Kelli Lumi

Height » 5'9.5" ; 176.5cm

Measurements »
(US) 33-23-34 ;
(EU) 84-58.5-86.5

Dress Size » (US) 4 ; (EU) 34
Shoe Size » (US) 7.5 ; (EU) 38 ; (UK) 5

Agencies »
Premier Model Management (UK)
DNA Model Management (US)
Major Model Management (France)
Major Model Management (Italy)

Place of Birth » Estonia

Reference »
FMD | http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/models/Kelli_Lumi/

Kelli Lumi (left) with Skye Stracke (right) at Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring 2010 Backstage
Photo from The Fashion Spot



こうやって見るとよくよく自分が妖精系のモデルが好きなのだと思い知らされます 笑

美観今昔(いまむかし) - Ciara Nugent編
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まずは所属するエージェンシーとthe Fashion Spotにあった比較的新しいと思われる数枚

Screenshot via Select Model Management

(Photography by Kyoko Homma)


via tFS

via tFS

via tFS

Gemma Wardの前に日本では彼女がザ・ドールモデルの座に就き現在も君臨している感があります


Elle (US) September 2000
"The Lover"
Photography by Manuela Pavesi
Photo via bwgreyscale.com


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