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Flint @ Tony Jones Models
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Tony Jones ModelsのFlintさん。


Stats  Height 185cm / 6' 1"  Chest 82cm / 32"  Waist 66cm / 26"  Hips 88cm / 34.5"
Shoes 45  Hair brown  Eyes green

Agency; photo & info source/credit
Tony Jones Model Management (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


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Jeroen Smits @ Tony Jones Models etc.
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Tony Jones ModelsやBeatrice Modelsにご所属のJeroenさん。

Jeroen Smits | photo from Beatrice Models

Jeroen Smits

Stats  Height 188cm / 6' 2"  Bust 95cm / 38"  Waist 74cm / 29"  Hips 94cm / 37"
Shoes 43 EU / 11.5 US  Hair blond  Eyes blue - infos from Beatrice Models

Agencies; photo & info source/credit
Beatrice Models Management (Milan, Italy)
Tony Jones Model Management (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

▼ photos from Tony Jones Models

▼ photos from Beatrice Models

Fabian van Dirter @ Premier Models etc.
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Premier Modelsさんより黒目がち(碧目がち)で繊細な美貌のFabianさん。

Fabian van Dirter

Stats  Height 6' 1" / 185cm  Chest 37" / 94cm  Waist 29" / 74cm  Hips -
Shoes 10 / 44  Hair light brown  Eyes blue

Agency; photo & info source/credit
Premier Model Management (London, UK)
Success Model Management (Paris, France)
Tony Jones Model Management (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Wick Van Nierop: Canali and Ports 1961 at Milan Men's F/W 2011
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From Canali F/W 11 + Ports 1961 F/W 11

Model: Wick Van Nierop

Photo source/credit: Metrovelvet; VOGUE.com UK


PORTS 1961 F/W 2011

Wick Van Nierop

STATS: Height 188cm  Chest 94cm  Waist 80cm  Shoes 45 (EU)  Hair Red  Eyes Green

AGENCIES: Elite Milan (Milan, Italy); Tony Jones Model Management (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Photos source/credit:  Elite Milan

↑Ports 1961のランウェイ写真のような「ストロベリー・ブロンド」もCanaliのランウェイやElite Milanさんのお写真のようにオレンジ味が強く出ているものもどちらも綺麗な色合いで、Wickさんの端整な骨格を引き立てています。

SJAAK HULLEKES ‘Small-town boy’ autumn/winter 2010/2011
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‘Small-town boy’
autumn/winter 2010/2011

Photography by Joost Vandebrug • joostvandebrug.com
styling / hair / make-up by Ferry van der Nat • ferryvandernat.nl
Model  Max @ Tony Jones Model Management • tonyjonesmodelmanagement.com

SJAAK HULLEKES ‘Small-town boy’ autumn/winter 2010/2011

The latest collection of Sjaak Hullekes brings you the highlights of a metropolitan city as seen through the eyes of a man that grew up in a small town. Sjaak Hullekes wanted to give this collection all the positive and nostalgic feelings a small town can bring, to escape from the daily reality and rush of the city.

During cold days in a harsh big city, this warm-colored collection will bring you the cosiness you crave.

To give this collection its warm nostalgic touch, Sjaak Hullekes used a large range of fabrics, including silks, cottons, wools, cashmeres and even mink fur. Most of the fabrics have a soft touch, and are warm even though they are sometimes very thin or even transparent. High pile, brushed and heavy knit in combination with the fragile fabrics give this collection an exclusive look, balanced, comfortable, conscious yet sometimes naive. The fabrics provide positivity for a winter after recession, for a winter in which we can invent and explore again. The colors used are navies, dark blues, browns, various grays, whites and a bit of sophisticated orange. All the colors together will bring a sense of nature, to remind of the small-town childhood.

As Sjaak Hullekes believes in quality and passion as being the future of fashion, he commits to showing the workmanship in a garment in this collection again. It is displayed in many hand-stitched details such as collars, cuffs, flies and bindings, a collection of handmade leather belts, and of course in his typically detail-driven handwriting throughout fringed edges and French seams.

The inspiration for this collection leans on the mid 60’s and 70’s, when youth cultures were abundant and a new way of dressing emerged. Denim jackets, safari jackets, ‘Lammycoats’ made out of sheared mink, and unconstructed blazers show in their origin a nostalgic empathy for what was happening then in the big cities. Combined with the craftsmanship of the early 20th century and modern fit, comfort and detailing this collection brings together everything needed by modern man.

SJAAK|HULLEKES (Blog) • sjaakhullekes.blogspot.com

ARNHEIM Fashion Group • arnheimfashion.com

Sjaak HullekesさんよりF/W '10のプレビューをご紹介いただきました。ありがとうございます。

英語が訳せずご解説をそのまま掲載してしまいSjaak Hullekesさん他ご覧になる方にはご迷惑をおかけしています;すみません。



~この都会(まち)は戦場だから 男はみんな 傷を負った戦士~
ここのくだりが大好きだったりします …どうでもいいですね。

S/S '10でも感じましたが朱色が下地にあるような落ち着いた橙色や


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