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Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook
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Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbookをご紹介いただきました。ありがとうございます。

Emilie Ellehauge for Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook shot by Bo Johannsen © photo courtesy of Christian Westphal

Christian Westphal Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook

Christian Westphal has been caught by the fuzz. Whereas last two seasons was all about cut, the story for Summer 2013 is texture and lightning. To ensure that the focus is on the fabrics, the Danish-born designer zeroes in on a few uncomplicated, graphic silhouettes: over-the-knee skirts, nylon silk jackets, pants with cut-away waistband, and the signature shirts, some of them pumped up with away-from-the-neck volumes and bringing refined add-on plisses on collar and placket pieces.

On the other side of the spectrum, a fitted jacket comes whipped up from a weightless silk and metal blend. In the Westphal collection you´ll see a mix of minimalism, strong silhouettes and fresh accent colours that still defines the 2010´s, and this remains Westphal´s thing.

Westphal wants his clothes to be for the modern urban women and aside from an incongruously literal Vegas reference in a metal powder gold print on black silk, the almost-abstractions look like scatterings of city lights. Westphal wants to literalize the notion when he decorates one skirt and a blouse with melting gold to replicate the lights of a Vegas building by night. But the real inspiration is anything but pseudo-science.

There is a school of thought which says that mystery preserves the magic, but Westphal tries to understand that if you reveal the machinery, you can enhance the mystery. That's because you're throwing a spotlight on the intangibles of creativity. But the other message of the collection is man-made: a shrugged-off casualness, and because this isn´t particularly fashion, Westphal uses the counterbalance of hyper-fashion silhouettes from Italian and Spanish haute couture of the 1950´s, however simultaneously academic and seductive.

Photography  Bo Johannsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Print design  Sara Haraigue (Paris, France)
Model  Emilie Ellehauge @ Scoop Models (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Photo & info source/credit
All photos & infos courtesy of CHRISTIAN WESTPHAL | WWW.CHRISTIANWESTPHAL.COM, thank you so much.


Christian Westphal Spring/Summer 2011 Collection
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Christian WestphalさんよりSpring/Summer 2011コレクションについてお知らせいただきました。

ゆったりとリラックスした雰囲気と鮮やかな色合いのS/S 2011コレクションは彼の持つ斬新なスタイルはそのままに、秋冬シーズンよりもカジュアルなものとなっているようです。
またジャージ素材とリボン風の紐の組み合わせは1966年の西部劇映画"The Good The Bad The Ugly"にインスパイアされたそうです。
デニム等の加工に用いられた未来的な技術と、天然の染料での染色や生地を再利用している試みに見る芸術的技巧とが融合され、"The nature-versus-man"のコンセプトが表現されたラインナップとなっているそうです。

Christian Westphal Official website | http://www.christianwestphal.com/
Christian Westphal Official blog | http://christianwestphalnews.blogspot.com/

Christian Westphal Spring/Summer 2011 Collection


PHOTOGRAPHY  Soren Starbird
MODEL  Albert Kraup @ Scoop Models (Mother agency, located at Copenhagen, Denmark)

Photos & infos courtesy of Christian Westphal. Thank you so much.



Christian Westphal Autumn / Winter 2010 Previews Ph by Soren Starbird
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Christian Westphal Autumn/Winter 2010のプレビューをご紹介いただきました。ありがとうございます。


Christian Westphal AW 2010
Photography  Soren Starbird | www.starbird.dk
Model  Nicolai Haugaard

The Winter 2010 collection from Christian Westphal has a refined aesthetic with slashes of Renaissance heroes from the paintings of Tizian and El Greco.

The cuts, colours, silhouettes and attitude of the Italian Renaissance paintings is the inspiration for the Autumn Winter 2010 collection.
The look is a glamorous, dirty but quiet, modern Euro-boho, with an ongoing nod to armoured self confident kings and noblemen dressed in shiny black metal waistcoat, oversized shirts, small and neat collars and accessorized with heavy trims and huge scarfs. A style that contributes to dress with layer on layer, like the urban nomads we have become.

The AW10 collection is less ceremonial and more muted and monochromatic―though no less surreal―than the brightly colored Summer 2009 collection, but keeps the urban graphic look, in particular the architectural take on casual suiting. However the colour palette is essentially black and white with dashes of bottle green optimism, turquise crispiness and navy blue classicism.

A tweak here and there can elevate even the simplest outfits. Notice the crispy cotton poplin shirt with a neatly folded starched-looking collar on collar, the check patterned shirt with the collar that develops into an oversized scarf, or the casual blazer in knitted merino wool. Small moves like these separate you from the pack.

The jeans sharpen up for Winter 2010. Not that I am saying you should wear these hand-painted torn-and-frayed blue denim to the office, but it’s hard to go wrong wearing it when you’re off the clock. The denim collection also consists of raw black and washed blue jeans – all three are woven and stitched on the famed looms of Okayama, Japan.

It’s called attitude. Nothing finishes off an outfit better than a sharp dose of confidence. How else do grown men get away with wearing a plucked and beat up mink jacket over a hooded jersey top ? But we’re not talking hip-hop-bling-shake-the booty fur―we’re talking slim-cut, rock-guy getup biker jacket to be worn with dirty and oily boots with attitude.

The strategy is to modernize menswear, calibrating the millimeter of difference that separates a boring uniform from an innovative piece. Christian Westphal sees avant-garde as deconstruction, working to and from the human body and making pieces with a strong, modern look.

Christian Westphal Official site | www.christianwestphal.com

Previews from Christian Westphal AW 2010

Photography  Soren Starbird | www.starbird.dk
Model  Unknown

Photos and texts courtesy + Many thanks to Christian Westphal

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